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Transit Visa "TS"

Purpose of visit

  • Transiting through Thailand’s airports exceeding 12 hours before proceeding to the third country of destination or returning to home country
  • If you need to re-check in for your trip, hence need to pass an immigration point, you must apply for a transit visa though the transit is less than 12 hours. 

Documents required 

  • Passport or travel document with validity of not less than 6 months prior to departure and its copy
  • Three completed visa application forms
  • Three recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant
  • Proof of residence in Nepal (for non-Nepali passport holders only)
  • A copy of confirmed airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to Thailand and departure from Thailand to the third country (and for applicants applying for double entries visa, a copy of an airline ticket showing the second entry to Thailand)
  • Evidence of adequate finance, e.g. an updated 6-month bank statement with a minimum blance of THB 10,000 (NPR 40,000) per person and THB 20,000 (NPR 80,000) per family
  • Visa of a third country in a passport or travel document
  • Visa fee

Validity of a visa

  • 90 days from the date of issue

Period of stay

  • Not exceeding 30 days